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Miley: “Dad I have something for Tanners bug collection”

my uncle: “that’s great”

Miley: “it’s a bird”

my uncle: “no its not”

-chirping noise-


They let it go and it flew away just fine, so we’re wondering how she caught it.


she caught another bird.


update: she caught a squirrel today


She is gonna rule the world one day with this power

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゜・。。・゜☆゜・。。・゜☆ ゜・。。・゜☆ ゜・。。・゜

nobody hates me more than i hate me 

゜・。。・゜☆゜・。。・゜☆ ゜・。。・゜☆ ゜・。。・゜

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Magical Paths Begging To Be Walked

Roads and paths pervade our literature, poetry, artwork, linguistic expressions and music. Even photographers can’t keep their eyes (and lenses) off of a beautiful road or path, which is why we collected this list of 28 amazing photos of paths.

Paths like these have a powerful grip on the human imagination – they can bring adventure, promise and change or solitude, peace and calm. There’s nothing like a walk down a beautiful path to clear your head – or to fill it with ideas!

I’ll leave you with an excellent quote from J. R. R. Tolkien’s works while you enjoy these images; “It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.

  1. Autumn In The White Carpathians
  2. Rhododendron Laden Path, Mount Rogers, Virginia, USA
  3. Spring In Hallerbos Forest, Belgium
  4. Autumn Path In Kyoto, Japan 
  5. Autumn Path
  6. Bamboo Path In Kyoto, Japan
  7. Hitachi Seaside Park Path In Japan
  8. Dark Hedges In Ireland
  9. Winter Forest Path, Czech Republic
  10. Path Under Blooming Trees In Spring

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honestly just fuck it. if he really cared he would respond back to your text after you say bye,if he really cared he will call you at least once a day to hear your voice, if he really cared he would get jealous not just when you’re with other guys hanging out, but when you’re with other girls too. if he really cared he wouldn’t let you go to bed without explaining to you how much he cared about you, if he really cared he would make an effort to talk to you as much as possible, if he really cared he would text you first before anyone else, if he really cared he would never tell you no if you wanted to talk, if he really cared he would stay in his room all night talking to you on the phone, if he really cared he would never send you to voicemail, if he really cared he would fucking show it.

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